A very much anticipated event, the first date is also a dreaded moment for many women. What to wear? What perfume to put on? Any conversation topics ideas? Where to go? What to do? What to say and how to say it? If you are in this position yourself and you feel a billion questions like this taking hold of your mind, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax: a first date is supposed to be a fun way for the two potential partners to get to know each other. Stressing over it won’t do you any good. Take things easy and keep a few basic rules in mind, trying to avoid the following:

Setting too high expectations

The main cause for disappointment lies in too high expectations. Always remember that a first date means just coffee, just dinner or just a walk in the park, nothing more than that. It is certainly not the time to bring up the marriage and kids topic. Moreover, don’t get put off if your guy does not look exactly like Brad Pitt. While physical attraction and chemistry are important for a relationship’s success, you should try to know him better and learn more things about him before you rule him out.

Being boring

Despite an old-fashioned belief, it is not solely the guy’s responsibility to find topics of conversation and come up with ideas of where to go and what to do. A woman is expected to get involved as well, and show some interest. Otherwise, the man might think you are simply not interested in him.

Ignoring the bill

Who pays the bill on a first date? The answer actually depends on many cultural factors, but, even if you expect the guy to pay, don’t totally ignore it. When the waiter brings the bill, search for your purse and offer to contribute. Most probably he will take it upon himself, but the gesture is essential to the way he will perceive you.

Forgetting to prepare an exit strategy

While you should approach the first date with optimism, there is nothing wrong in preparing an exit strategy. Have your best friend call you so you can pretend you have an emergency and need to go home right away. It is very likely the guy will read through your whole story, but, in the end, it is not important as you will take the way out only if you see the date isn’t going to take you anywhere.