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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This is where we channel our telepathic abilities and look into your brain at the questions you’re currently thinking. We’ll skip most of your weird thoughts (your secrets are safe with us) and stick to stuff about our awesome dating profile services 👍🏻.

General Questions About Our Dating Profile Service-min

Got general questions about our dating profile services?

Yes, really! In fact, we’re the best-rated dating profile writing service on the internet.

We’ve been around since 2012, appeared in every major media platform and written thousands of online dating profiles that have attracted more attention, higher quality attention, that has led to lasting relationships.

We are the #datingpros who make you swipe right.

This is where we excel at Fix My Profile. We don’t make-up stories or write fiction, no fake news here!

Everything in your dating profile is either something you wrote in your questionnaire or said on the phone. We simply create a standout dating profile using the information you have given us.

Just like going to a professional photographer to get your photo taken, we don’t create your voice, we capture it!

Nope! Everything is done through the wonder of the internet! No awkward, lengthy phone conversations and the process can be done at a time convenient for you – evenings and weekends? No problem.

Yes, we work with clients from all over the world!

The company is based in sunny Brighton (UK) but we have writers in the UK, US and Austrailia.

Profiles are only written in English, though, so if you require a profile in another language, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Of course we do! We’d hope it goes without saying, but we do get asked this question quite a lot.

If you fall in love: Congratulations, you win! If you change your mind, just email us within 2 working days of placing your order and we’ll refund your payment and cancel your order.

Dating Profiles for Tinder Bumble and Happn-min

Got questions about the types of dating apps, services and websites we work with?

Short answer is, all of them.

We have extensive experience with working with both the mainstream services like Match, POF, OKCupid, Soulmates, Tinder and Bumble, and also the lesser known services like Badoo, Dating Direct and My Single Friend.

We also have experience with specific religion dating services, sugar daddy sites and even Facebook.

If you’re using a really niche service, or you’re unsure, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Yes! We’ll let you know which dating sites we think are best for you and your search.

How to get started with our dating profile writing service-min

Got questions about getting started with our services?

Choose the package that works best for you. We’ll then email you a link to the profile questionnaire so that we can learn all about you and you can upload your photos.

Your dating profile writer will contact you within one working day of completing the questionnaire; they’ll confirm that we have everything we need and then let you know when your new dating profile will be ready (usually 3 working days).

We accept all the usual payment methods; credit or debit card or PayPal (we’re verified sellers).

Dating Profile Writing Service-min

Got questions about our dating profile writing service?

We learn all about you (and your ideal date) via a short online profile questionnaire.  The questionnaire is secure, confidential and takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Yes of course! Use whatever format you are comfortable with; we are used to working with lots of information, and we are also used to working with titbits of information.

If we need more information, we’ll reach out and ask you.

Never. Each and every profile we produce is created from the ground up and will be unique for you.

It can vary from client to client, but typically, a profile bio for sites like Match, POF and OKCupid will be around 200 words (about you and your ideal match).

The profile text for dating apps will be under 300 characters so that it can be used on apps like Bumble, Tinder and Happn.

The Rocket package handles the two most important questions (About You, About Your Ideal Match) which make up the bulk of your profile on most dating sites. We do not answer “Last Read” or “Favourite Hot Spots” on Match, for that would be time prohibitive.

However, if you get The Wingman Package, we will handle the standard 9-13 short-answer questions on both OkCupid and eHarmony.

Impossible! Okay, possible, but highly unlikely. After all, we’re only taking the things that you say and putting them down on paper for you. It’s not our job to fictionalise, editorialise or make anything up – it’s simply our job to capture you, like a cameraman taking a photo.

While we’re very confident in our work, to ensure your satisfaction, you can provide notes to the writer, and get unlimited revisions in return (we want you to be 100% happy with your profile).

Dating Photo Review Service-min

Got questions about our dating photo review service?

We’ll review a selection of your existing photos and help you select the very best ones to use on your profile. We’ll even tell you the best order to upload them in for your dating service – we’re good like that.

Yes! We’ll happily review and offer feedback on your existing photos – even if you’re not happy with them (you might be surprised by the results).

We also include a full list of recommendations, suggestions and examples for photos that you should take and upload in the future – where you are, what you’re doing or wearing, who you’re with…you get the idea.

You can send us as many photos as you want! You can upload ten via the profile questionnaire, but you can always email more to us (or we can give you a link to our secure dropbox account).

Absolutely! Clients send us new photos to review all the time.  We will always give you honest and frank feedback about your photos, there is no point being any other way!

Dating and coaching wingman services-min-min

Got general questions about our Wingman and dating coaching services?

Of course! Intro message writing is included in our Wingman Package. Just let us know the username of the person you want to message, and we’ll compose the perfect message for you to copy and paste to them.

Easy peasy.

We learn all about your ideal match via the online profile questionnaire.

When you’re ready, simply let us know the dating service you want us to search on and we’ll sift through thousands of profiles to find great matches that meet your criteria so you don’t have to spend hours reading profile after profile.

We’ll then email you a list of usernames (and links to profiles) of the matches we have found for you.

Nope! We’re here for as long as you need us.

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