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Fix My Profile reviews: stories from our customers

Before you buy one of our packages, you probably want to know what some of our clients are saying about us, right?

Over 3,000 awesome single people have come to us for help with their online dating profiles.  Read their reviews of Fix My Profile to learn how our online dating profile writing & coaching services changed their world.

Dating Profile Writing Service Reviews

4.7 average from 3,021 dating profile ratings

*Please note, some names and photos have been changed to protect our client’s anonymity, all the quotes are 100% real.

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Thanks for the new bio, photo selection and all-round advice! Updated my dating profile & it has already made a massive difference in a few days.

Views/emails much have increased at least five-fold from an early estimation.

Thanks again!

– Ben, London

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Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m absolutely loving the online dating experience now! The profile was great, and it gave me a tonne of confidence to move forward with things.

Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.

– Nina, Brighton

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Just thought I would give you some instant feedback on how good these guys are are! So I updated my new profile yesterday. Before, I was getting perhaps 2 decent matches a week on Bumble, but in the last 24 hours I have had over 15 and they are all my type!

Great job and fantastic service – I will definitely be recommending you to all my single friends!!

– Karen, Birmingham

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The speed of service, quality of the dating profile and response from Amanda is first class. She is very helpful at answering any questions and has made changes to the profile immediately upon request.

I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to anyone for a dating profile.

– Sarah, London

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Very happy with my experience. They really gave me the confidence and I found it a great way to meet potential matches, that I was missing before. Very positive process. And fun too. I am currently enjoying dating lovely man that I met with the help of this site.

– Kelly, Leeds

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I was delighted to get the profile and straight away felt like a celebrity, much better than before! There’s the photos to improve, but you’ve given me some direction to work towards.

Thank you!

– Marco, London

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A very professional, helpful and reliable service, David has been a pleasure to work with, and has done a superb job on my dating profile and photos. He has also provided some much-needed advice and guidance on my messages which has helped me to improve them considerably.

I can now send messages with a great deal more confidence, and would recommend Fix My Profile unreservedly.

– Luke, London

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Brilliant dating profile and photo advice. Would recommend to anyone wanting a personal and professional service.

– Leanne, Manchester

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I was about to go back to the tired old dating profile I had used many years ago, when I came across Fix My Profile. The reviews were really good.

The turnaround was amazing ( 3 working days as promised) A really impressive dating profile and intro messages, far better than anything I could have produced. Minor tweaks were added and sent back to me the same day. Communication was great, I received replies promptly when I emailed Amanda.

The outcome? I started receiving interest immediately. I got 2 dates within a week. Thank you Amanda, you are a true credit to the company! I recommend Fix My Profile to anyone who is reading this. It’s worth the cost definitely.

– Rob, Nottingham

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I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. Especially Matt does an outstanding job, professional and exactly what I was asking every time. Sometimes the result was even better that the expected.

Thank you very much and keep up your great effort!

– Margaret, London

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I will definitely keep recommending Fix My Profile to my family and friends. They do such an amazing job and are extremely professional. Everyone to whom I have recommended their services were deeply satisfied.

From my side, this is not the first nor the last time I count with their expertise. Thank you so much guys, life changing experience!

– Catherine, Birmingham

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After posting my new profile online I started to get attention of men that I was more attracted to. It also got the attention of someone that I had been interested in but was hesitant in contacting.

It was as if the profile was written directly to him. Mike and I have been engaged for a little over a year. Thank you for helping me find the love of my life!

– Sarah, Leeds

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After Fix My Profile wrote an amazing profile for me, there was an immediate and HUGE difference in the positive responses I received to my e-mails. If it hadn’t been for you guys, I’m sure my current wife wouldn’t have responded to my e-mail/profile!

It was less than a month after Fix My Profile finished helping me that I met my current wife and we have now been very happily married for more than 3 years!

– Malcolm, High Wycombe

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I contacted Fix My Profile to revise my online dating profile in 2014. Following your rewrite, I had tons of “hits”, more than ever. One day I received an email on Match that read, simply, “Great profile”.

Six months later, I had the MOST amazing husband and two adorable stepsons… all before I turned 40! I couldn’t have done it without you.

– Kirsty, Solihull

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I went for Fix My Profile, and I was really pleased with how it came out. It made me sound how I truly saw myself and I was hopeful that it would be set me on the path to meeting “The One”. It did. I know for sure that I wouldn’t have had a chance with him if my profile hadn’t been the real me and I have your service to thank for that.

I sing the praises of Fix My Profile to anyone who will ask! Keep up the awesome work! And thank you again for helping me find my husband.

– Anthony, London

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Fix My Profile works! I owe you a debt of gratitude as I had an incredible time on after you wrote up my profile and found a great girl after only six dates!

– Sangeeta, London

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I definitely received a few comments on how well my profile was written and how I must have spent a lot of time on it. I met a really great guy about 3 months after posting my new profile. We are dating and he is great!

– Louise, London

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Amanda is an amazing writer, she managed to compile my personality and requirements in a really interesting, easy to read profile. I was literally stunned when I read my new profile for the first time it was a light year from what I produced on my own.

Having spent a good deal of my time redoing, rewriting and re-evaluating my dating profile, constantly unsatisfied with my results. I recommend this service to anyone in a similar situation. That’s the best spend £39 of my life.

– Tom, Southampton

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I couldn’t have done it without you. And the really weird part is that I’m a professional writer, but “couldn’t get out of my own way” to look within and scoop out that perfect profile. Getting the profile boost was just the thing I needed from you and your team.

It captured the imagination of my wife-to-be. And here we are, now married for two years.

Thanks Fix My Profile.

– Jason, Glasgow

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Within days of my new profile going on Match, I went from one or two “winks” to trading emails with two men – and one of them was the love of my life!

When I met Jason, he couldn’t stop talking about my profile. I felt a little guilty about having to tell him that I didn’t write it… then I realised that they were all my words. You had put together the profile that I couldn’t because you had listened to me and had confidence in me.

Thank you, Fix My Profile, for bringing out the real me!

– Hannah, Birmingham

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My new profile has finally been posted and the flood gates have opened! I’m getting a lot of response to my new profile and picture.

However, what’s so exciting is the match quality of the responses. I’m getting email from men who know that Turrandot=Nessun Dorma, paella=sangria, and have been to see Wicked!

The responses have also been age appropriate, no more responses from senior citizens! Thanks for the online dating profile makeover; what a success!

– Tracey, London

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I can’t begin to tell you how much this whole experience has changed my online dating experience. And really my whole outlook on dating.

While I am still the same person who tried it a couple of years ago – I look pretty much the same and I act pretty much the same – somehow the package that you have put together is much more appealing and got me more hits, more dates and much more fun.

For years after posting my Fix My Profile profile, I received a lot of comments telling me that my profile is great.

– Stephen, Warwick

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Amanda was my writer and I just wanted to let you know that she did an amazing job. She has a wonderful gift of pulling out the things about me that are unique and putting them on the page in a creative and memorable way. I’ve never had a great gift for writing, but Amanda is truly blessed.

Thanks for providing such a great service – which ended up attracting my husband shortly thereafter! Thank you, Fix My Profile!

– Jenny, Manchester

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I don’t know what to say to thank you, my new ad is perfect!!!

It’s already online, I’m so excited, you took the words out of my mouth and head. I had some doubts after talking to a friend about that, but now I can say that it’s definitely worth it.

After just a couple of weeks, I’ve found a really nice guy and I think it’s serious, so thank you again!

– Molly, Luton

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Met up with a couple of matches. Have ‘clicked with one’ and so will see how that goes. All within 8 days of listing!

I can’t believe how easy this all is now, thank you!

– Mark, London

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Well, that was a pleasant surprise.

I always believed in Internet dating, but it just wasn’t working for me. I knew that until I found someone to help me arrange my profile and take a proactive approach to the whole thing I wouldn’t get anywhere as I am just way too busy.

Fix My Profile just works, the profile they wrote for me was witty, interesting and was the catalyst for many messages off lovely ladies.

– David, Birmingham

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After spending a few years on dating sites I decided to try fix my profile to see if someone could help me meet my Mr right as it just didn’t happen! After fix my profile pointed out a few easy mistakes I had made it really helped me win over the man of my dreams too. 😘😘😘5 months later it’s still going strong.

Sometimes a second honest opinion is better than your own. Try this ladies and gents it worked for me. Thanks for the professional and efficient help … Love Nicola a happy in love customer.

– Nicola, Edinburgh

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Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say thanks with your help on my profile.

I have to say the experience was quite fun and didn’t feel awkward at any stage.

– Mike, Derby

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I was so glad that Fix My Profile helped me with my profile; I definitely had more success with dating online with your help with the profile and professional pictures and coaching!

I think that your profile captured me and help me stand out from the pack so to speak. Sometimes I had more men than I could juggle!

Little did I know that on January 1, 2015 I would meet my future husband. He is a wonderful loving, caring man who accepts me for who I am (quirks and all) and I consider him my best friend.
Thanks for providing such a valuable service!

– Christine, London

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Really great service, I told Fix My Profile what I wanted and they got straight on to it. It was advertised to take 3 days but it took slightly longer however the Dating Profile was fantastic and Amanda did an excellent job!

Thanks Fix My Profile!

– Sam, Walsall

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