When you start online dating, you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. Although exciting, the experience can make you feel bamboozled at times. Is your dating profile good enough? How should you behave? And how to pick the right person for yourself when there are so many options out there?

Even though online dating allows you to meet people easily, you can’t leave everything to chance. Also, unlike what some people think, the process doesn’t have to be difficult.

To help anyone who is interested in online dating, we have made this step-by-step guide that contains five online dating tips. Those will help you stay collected and cool throughout your online dating adventure.

1. Create a Wish List

Whether you are still considering making a profile, or you have one up and running, take a moment to think about your expectations. What do you wish to obtain from online dating? What are you looking for? You have to think about your needs.

People answer the questions on dating sites romantically and not honestly. Thus, we present ourselves in an idealised light, and we paint a skewed profile, although we don’t do it on purpose.

So, make a wish list while being as specific as possible. That particularly refers to our needs and desires. At what life stage are you now? More importantly, where do you want to be? Is a relationship with someone who is going on a six-month trip around Europe something that you really want when you have finally landed a good job and settled in your new house?

By creating a wish list, you will understand what you want – and that will make sorting out numerous matches and profiles much easier.

2. Update Your Profile

Now that you are finally out there in the online dating world, you can start looking. But, what if you are not getting as many replies or matches as you’d hoped? In order to get the attention you deserve, you have to make your profile the best it can be.

Try this: open your profile and read what it says out loud. Then, ask yourself if you would want to date yourself. The best and most successful profiles contain a lot of positive language. With a profile like that, you will appear intriguing, and everyone who sees your profile will want to learn more about you.

3. Start Talking to People

Once you have sorted your profile, it’s time to start messaging people. Sometimes it’s hard to start, but online dating gives you time to think and plan ahead, which is helpful.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what to write, use the following simple rules:

  • Try not to send the same message to all users, as that happens very frequently on dating sites and people tend to ignore such messages.
  • Check for likes, dislikes, and hobbies on profiles. That will make connecting easier.
  • Ask open questions to show interest.

Although these tips might not be spontaneous or romantic, they will get you the results. So, you have nothing to lose.

4. Don’t Stay Online for too Long

Online dating can be both fun and addictive – before you know it, you could be spending hours on your favourite dating site. However, it’s important to limit your screen time and move back to the real life as soon as possible.

Even though it’s important to get to know your match before you meet in person, it might be wise to save the best conversation for the actual first date. This is easier said than done, though. You can easily get carried away while chatting online.

So, try not to check your messages all the time. Instead, if you like your match, make the first step and suggest going on a date. If they insist on keeping the connection in the virtual world, it’s better not to compromise. Move on and save yourself the energy, time, and potential heartbreak.

5. Be Patient and Forgiving on the First Date

If everything is working out the way you hoped it would, you will have arranged a date after a few days of communication.  Not surprisingly, the expectations will be high. For both your match and you, the experience is exciting and stressful at the same time. It’s often hard to know how to behave in such situations.

Sometimes, the anxiety can get the better of us, affecting the way we come across. When there’s so much anticipation in the picture, people can’t find ways to relax and be the best version of themselves.

Final Thoughts

Online dating is fun – make the most of it. You can meet amazing people in the process of finding your soulmate. In fact, some of those people can become your friends. Think about that in order to get rid of the pressure of finding “The One”, and you will instantly feel relaxed. Then, when you start feeling like yourself, you will be able to show your true qualities.