Profile pictures are the single most important part of your dating profile, especially when using dating apps like Tinder and Badoo.

You will know yourself from playing Badoo’s “Encounters” game, in one click you either LIKE or PASS on a profile and you’re unlikely to spend time scrolling through all your pictures unless you like what you see. So you’ll know how critical it is to get your profile picture right. Even if you have super model looks, using the wrong image will earn you a very fast PASS.

Here’s the top tips to get the most out of your profile picture and increase your chances of snaring your perfect date.

1. Use a clear and well lit picture.
This one may seem obvious, but as an avid online dater myself, I see this time and time again. Dark and fuzzy pictures are so common. When it comes to the crunch, if someone can’t see what you look like in your first image, rather than continuing to investigate, they are likely to simply pass onto the next profile.

Top Tip: Taking pictures outside during the day is a lot easier. Mobile phones aren’t good at taking images in dark environments so get outside and use the best light there is, the sun. This will also mean your camera has a better chance of taking an in focus picture.

2. Make sure you capture at least half of your body in the image.
It’s proven that especially for men, using a full length image massively increases your profile success. Why? Because your fantastic figure forms a large part of your attributes, showing only your face you miss out on many strong aspects in your attraction of a partner.

Top tip: When posing for a full length shot, turn 45 degrees to the side and then turn your head back to look at the camera, it’s a much more flattering pose than standing face on.
3. Bin those Bins.
Do not wear sunglasses in your pictures. Celebrities wear huge sunglasses outside for two reasons, it’s sunny and also to ensure the paparazzi cannot get a good picture of their face. Your eyes play a huge part in your facial features, potential matches want to see what you look like. So however much you love your designer sunglasses and how you look in them, do not be tempted to use photos of you wearing them in your dating profile.

Top tip: If you are spending some time taking pictures for your profile, make sure you are well rested and certainly not hung over. If it’s the morning after a large night out and you have had a few too many Proseccos, wait until you are well rested. Tired eyes are very telling.

4. Include an active picture.
Along with full length pictures, this is proven to increase your attractiveness. Heard of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well it’s absolutely true. So if you like hiking, then pick out a great photo of you hiking your favourite mountain. An image like this shows you are active, enjoy keeping fit and love the outdoors.

Top Tip: Haven’t got any flattering outdoors pictures? No problem, stick your hiking gear on, get down to your local park and find a good backdrop among trees or rocks. No one will know that you aren’t climbing Everest. Just make sure you move any telling props like McDonalds drink cups or discarded cans.

5. Do not use a group picture as your main image.
This is very confusing to profile visitors, they will not know which one you are. I’ve seen online profiles where nearly all of the images are group shots and I’m left playing a game of Where’s Wally. Do however, use an image with your friends or activity partners in your following images, but make sure you are at the forefront of the photo so it’s easy to see you.

Top Tip: Try not to use lots of images where you are out drinking otherwise people may think that’s all you do in your spare time. Active group shots or photos at a friend’s BBQ would be perfect good examples.

Just these five tips will hugely increase your chances of success on dating apps like Tinder and Badoo and maximise your dating potential. Follow them wisely, your replies will sky rocket and your mail box will feel the weight of success!