Every day, we view hundreds of dating profiles for our clients. Every day we wish we had a giant hand that would enable us to slap every single man on Earth who talks about or mentions sex on their dating profile.

Every article or dating advice EVER written about creating a dating profile, tells you this very simple rule:

Never mention anything about sex or even remotely sex-related in your dating profile. Never. Ever.

Yet men still do this.  By continuing to do this, these men automatically place black marks on their profile.

Here’s another way to look at it.  No doubt you’ve clicked away in disgust at those women who have impossibly long, strict lists of demands in their profiles.  Now translate those emotions to this topic.

So guys, if you need reminding, here is a list of reasons to STOP mentioning sex on your profile:

1.  Sex Is Implied Anyway

Chill out! You will have sex with her if you get together and things go forward.  It will happen; that is the assumption with two healthy people.  Sex is part of relationships, unless (in the rare instance) it is not.

2.  It’s Like a Wrong Note

This one is more subjective and you just have to trust us on this.  A woman reads a good dating profile and is starting to get interested.  Then she reads, “Plus, I’m really good at giving oral sex.”

She is no prude.  She is no stranger to sex.  But the inclusion of sex talk sounds like a hammer being dropped during a pleasant orchestral piece.

3.  She Hears So Much Of It

When a woman sets up her online dating profile and publishes it, she receives a deluge of messages, private messages, and “Mr. X Is Online Now” notices.

For every hundred messages and online profiles, a staggering (stupid) 20% will mention sex-related topics.

So, by mentioning sex-related topics, your voice gets lost in the drone of other men.