The first thing to do when looking to attract professionals is to ask yourself what that really means to you. For some, professional indicates someone ambitious and career-focused, perhaps willing to sacrifice time in their personal lives in the short term for long-term benefits. For others, professional might mean someone responsible and reliable, with a secure 9 to 5 job.
Whatever the word means to you, it’s important that you make your profile project those aspects of yourself too. It’s no secret that as a general rule, like attracts like, so go over your profile with a critical eye and ask yourself if you appear professional. Once you know this you can tailor your profile to attract the right people.

The Name Game
Often, we’ll pick a username on the fly – or else we have the perfect one, only someone else has already nabbed it. In the end, you get fed up and end up opting for ‘karen665785’.
While signing up, it’s easy to forget that most dating sites are laid out so that the other person’s photograph and username are the very first thing a visitor sees. Potential dates might be scrolling through hundreds of profiles per visit, so you need to stand out. A mediocre username can make all the difference when someone’s deciding whether to click the link and read through your profile in the first place. Create a unique username that says something about you. Who catches your eye first: DanTheBaker or Dannn2175? Your username is your first chance to communicate about who you are, so use it to your advantage. If you can make it funny or a conversation starter, all the better.

Picture Perfect
If you’re looking to attract professional people, you need a quality primary photo. That doesn’t mean it has to be of you chilling with Richard Branson or anything, but if you’re putting forth that you are a professional person, you need a photo that proves it.
It’s less about the photo itself, and more that a good picture shows you put some time and thought into how you present yourself, indicating that you’re clever, capable and socially aware enough to put yourself out there in a fitting way. Make sure we can see your lovely face! It’s your party and visitors like to see the host.
Like your profile, your photos should show the best of you and all the different facets that make you unique. Try and select a good range of photos that work as a visual profile and demonstrate all your interests. Imagine that dating profiles have no text. You only have pictures to describe yourself, your lifestyle, and your hobbies. If you like rock climbing, include a pic of you heroically clambering, or if you’re a keen cook have a photo of you digging into your specialty. Whatever you do, don’t have six photographs of yourself in six different pubs. Remember, you’re trying to tell the story of you.

The Final Draft
In your profile, you want to put forth the best version of you while still being honest. You’re selling yourself, so be positive. If you were selling your car you wouldn’t say, ‘It’s alright I suppose. Apart from that strange clanking noise and the weird smell. Horrible colour isn’t it?’ Hopefully, you’d be honest when selling, but big up the car’s positive attributes. Additionally, you’d tailor your sales pitch. If you’re selling to new parents, you might point out your car’s 5 star safety rating, while if you’re pitching to a commuter you’ll make the most of the high miles per gallon.
Similarly, to attract professionals, advertise your best points and avoid pessimism. Mention traits, hobbies and interests which fit into a professional lifestyle so the person reading your profile can imagine you being a good match.

Follow these simple tips for boosting your profile and your job won’t be the only thing you’re a pro at!