Thanks to the potential imminent financial crisis (bloody, Brexit!), we’re all counting our pounds and trying to spend less. But when it comes to dates, this can be a little tricky. You don’t want to be a cheapskate but you don’t want to be broke until the next pay day either. Well, dating doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank so here are some tips for the budget-conscious dater.

Enjoy The Outdoors

If you’d rather go out on a date than stay home; how about making the most of the beautiful British outdoors? You could hit the beach together, go camping, go swimming, hiking, walking etc. If you’re both the athletic sort you could even play a sport together – tennis, squash, basketball etc are all good sports to play. Look up some of the local outdoor activities and you’re sure to find something you both will enjoy.
A Picnic Date

Instead of always eating out why don’t you go on a picnic instead? One of you could bring the food and the other the wine. You could bring food you’ve prepared at home or simply cook some on a disposable BBQ. Your picnic spot could be anywhere…at a park, a beach or even in your own back garden. A private picnic could be more intimate than lunch or dinner at a crowded restaurant.

Go Sightseeing

Sightseeing can be a fun and inexpensive date. You could both explore your city together and get to know each other in the process too. Local sights and sounds can also be great conversation starters, especially if it’s a first date. So play tourist for a day and learn things about your town you might not have known before.
Movie Marathon

Take the expression ‘Netflix and Chill’ to an entirely new meaning! Stream some of your favourite movies and enjoy them at home. Conversation can be hard in a cinema but if you’re watching them at home there’s no one to tell you to “Ssshhhh”! To add to the movie experience, get some microwave popcorn, some takeaway cups for the drinks and turn the lights out too.

Stay Home
If it’s your first date, you’re better off not inviting your date to your home. But after a couple of dates, it could be a really good option. You could take turns to cook for each other or even cook together. The movie marathon I mentioned above is also a great stay-at-home date.

If your date and you are into indoor games, they would make a great home date activity too. You could enjoy video games together; play a board game like Monopoly or just enjoy a game of cards.

If your date is always planning expensive dates, be honest with them and tell them you can’t always afford it. A good date doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. A little creative planning could result in a great inexpensive date. What’s important is that you spend time together and if your date doesn’t appreciate that, you need to find someone who does.